When a loved one dies, their family are faced with having to make funeral arrangements at what is a very difficult time.  Your funeral director aims to make sure that this process is managed as sympathetically and as smoothly as possible.  However, after all the funeral arrangements are over, the problem of sorting out the deceased persons’ affairs has to be dealt with.

Probate is the term most often used when the estate of a deceased person needs to be officially registered with the Probate Court in order to be able to deal with their affairs. Dealing with some ones estate after they have died is actually known as the Administration of their Estate. 

At HW&P (Legal) Services we advise and assist you in all aspects of dealing with the Estate of a deceased person, whether they had a Will or not.  We can help you complete all the forms necessary to obtain the Grant that you need to be able to deal with the administration of the Estate yourself, including the Estate Tax Return form IHT 205.   

Alternatively, we can deal with the actual administration of the Estate on your instructions as your agents.  You remain in control but we do all the paperwork for you and make sure that all relevant processes are followed and complied with.  

Unless the deceased persons estate was small in value and straightforward, dealing with the finances can be a complicated and drawn out process.  Executors should keep clear records of what they have done so that they can answer any future questions or challenges over their handling of the Estate.  

Whatever your needs, we can assist you and tailor our services to suit them thus keeping the costs of dealing with the Estate down.

 Elizabeth Hazell is a Principal Fellow with the National Association of Licensed Paralegals and has many years experience dealing with the administration of estates.  

When taking your instructions we will consider the complexity of the Estate and the amount of work likely to be required.   Wherever possible we will agree a fixed fee with you so that you know the costs will not exceed an agreed amount.  Only in more complicated matters do we charge an hourly rate for all work done.  We can still promise you, however, that whatever fee arrangement we come to, it will be competitive.  

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, personal and professional service.  Appointments can be made to see you in your own home at no extra cost to save you the inconvenience of having to get into our offices.  

Our aim is to ensure that what can often be a complicated and frustrating process is made as simple as possible for you the Personal Representatives.